Cultural center

Cultural Center CastelloInMovimento was founded in 2008 with the goal of making the Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo a place of thought and productions, venue of shared initiatives and promoter of multidisciplinary projects. A new cultural center for the territory of Lunigiana and the northern Tuscany.

During these five years CastelloInMovimento research and studies, more and more focused on language as a place of encounter between literature and the visual arts, has been translated in a specific residency program at the Castle of Fosdinovo and, on the other hand, in festivals and formats outside the castle.

CastelloInMovimento stands at the center of its mission the creation of:

  • a network between different institutions;
  • a community of writers and visual artists where interest in the field of research literature becomes elective;
  • a residency program and a schedule of studies and workshops at the Castle of Fosdinovo with the specific desire to connect visual arts and literature.


CastelloinMovimento is a cultural institution that produces, promotes and supports publications and projects on contemporary languages​​.


Traduttori in movimento

Restauro di arte contemporanea

Lo Spazio Inventato