The Ghost and her legend

The Castle is brought to life by the many infamous legends that surround it to this day.

The most famous of these concerns the young Bianca Maria Aloisia, daughter of Jacopo (James) Malaspina and Oliva Grimaldi. The beautiful girl was in love with a young man who wanted to marry at all costs. Their parents were opposed to that shameful for the family coat of arms, and threatened the poor girl with incarceration and meals of bread and water in the dungeon of the Castle. The young couple were not detered by these threats and refused to give up their love. This rebellion forced her parents to make a tough decision, banishing him to the country and locking the young girl in a convent. Not even this could keep them apart… when this was then reported to the castle, they were both locked in prisons and tortured. Even this did not stop the young lovers from meeting again. Only then, in order to avoid further scandal, the girl was walled living in a cell, together with a dog, a symbol of fidelity, and a wild boar, symbol of rebellion.

To confirm the authenticity of the story, recent excavations were carried out and the remains of bones probably belonging to a girl and two animals, were discovered in the castle.